Since founding KGID in 2001, Katherine Glendinning has designed residential interiors in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Manhattan and Nantucket. Raised in the South, Katherine has lived abroad and traveled extensively.  She has studied both design and art history at the graduate level. Her deep background in the visual arts is enriched by over a dozen years of practice and an innate sense of style and appropriateness. Guided by a firm belief that a well-designed home enhances the quality of daily life, Katherine is mindful of her client’s needs, creating interiors that are individualized and expressive. She takes great care to ensure that this very personal collaboration is both a professional process and an enjoyable experience.

Katherine Glendinning will work with you to design an entire house or a single room. She is also available for consultation.

KGID Services include:

  • Concept Development
  • Fabric, Furnishing and Finish Selection (including custom furnishings)
  • Order Placement and Processing
  • Coordination/Collaboration with Architects/Contractors
  • Site Supervision

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